Yo Yo Yo Merry Fishmas Everybody

Posted by steveazar on December 6, 2009

So it’s that time of year when we all look forward to winding down. Of course that means a lot of last minute work, shopping (I do like to shop), eating more than any of us need to, Right? I just basically starve myself and eat all those delicious calories all at once, woah!!! I’m not much on the running thing, I prefer to have a ball in my hand, football, basketball, golf ball, you know the drill and hey I’ll exercise all day then. Maybe back in Mississippi I can convince some of my ol’ buddies for some friendly competition…Being since I’m the only one still in shape (funny) it should be all victories for me.

Actually, my buds are all still in sport form last I checked. I grew up in a world of music as you all know, but my other half, ate drank and slept sports. I believe the winning and the losing, the victories and defeats really helped me cope with the crazy road of the music business better. I was already used to good and bad coach’s, moments when I was playing well and others not so much. That’s where my song “the Coach”, and it’s inspiration came from.  Speaking of The Coach, it looks like Danny Gokey, this years American Idol’s semi finalist, has recorded it and will be an Itunes exclusive for Sony. More to come there, so stay tuned.

It’s good to be home for a short stint, our Ride cast have been preparing for all sorts of things as well as the next single off “Slide”, SUNSHINE…We are hearing great things about this record, and I love the fact that me and the boys in the band recorded it LIVE in the studio pretty much like we had played it for a couple years, that’s important to me ya know.

Speaking of single’s and what not, “Catfish Christmas”, is available now at walmart.com and the video is out on CMT Pure and GAC this season, so check it out there or on this site. There is a widget on the home page which I’m sure you saw, if not go back and please “grab it” and spread on all your social’s, send to friends etc etc. it helps always.
Thanks again for your love and support. I’ve got a hoop game to coach this weekend and I must sign off to get prepared…Catholic League Championship or bust, this season.

Be safe and merry Christmas to you all, I will post my next blog at the beginning of the New Year, if that’s cool.

All the best, Steve