Palm Springs, The Bob Hope Classic and Plenty of "Sunshine"

Posted by steveazar on January 27, 2010

Well I find myself a tad behind again blogging, trust me I actually enjoy this sort of release, but the days are racing by a little swifter than I’d like. I’m writing from the Palm Springs Airport, quaint little place, just waiting to board. It was a very slow start for me at my first Bob Hope Classic. Between the rainouts and my lack of golf last year it was a struggle early for me to be steady and solid.  I made a total mess of my practice rounds and day one, thank goodness for my boy GV who played beautifully and our pro Kevin Streelman who was a rock.  But with each day I got to play I found myself starting to hit the little white ball much more consistently, with purpose and attitude. Day 2 for me with two Time US Open Champion Lee Janson was a relief, almost putting together a complete round which carried over nicely into day 3. I managed to make a mess of four hole stretch on some of TV holes, (not ever good visiting chunk city and glad they didn’t air it) but got it going again shortly after, finishing my last nine holes pretty dang strong. I don’t know if any of you out there reading this play golf, it’s a game that requires a full day of focus and a lot of work. That’s a bit tough for me considering everything that is going on in my life and career. It’s just not as important as it use to be, at least for now! But I do enjoy it when my mind is clear.  By the way, final round with pro David Lutterus was a blast, another good guy on the tour to close out our week. Okay, enough about golf.

Musically at “The Hope” was very cool but a bit disappointing.  Getting to follow legends like Alice Cooper and Don Felder from the Eagles, etc etc etc was moving. But the band decides on one of my songs “Bluestune” to start into the wrong key. (Can I say an early train wreck??? urrr ). I mean come on here we are all supposed to be pro’s and why on one of mine do they all the sudden take a musical brain lapse? Well, we live and we learn and we move on. We somehow got through it but I tell ya’,  I look forward to having my guys back so the funky little tune can be funky again…soon I promise soon…

On the “Sunshine” front we seem to be doing fairly well here early in its release. It looks as though after just two weeks we sit at #43 on the R & R indicator chart, which is pretty cool, But still need to pick it in places.  Seems like that is coming, response overall has been really strong with this record where a whole lot of stations and now some key consultants seem to be into it, so we’ll keep you posted.  I know this all sounds a bit stiff and technical but that is the business, a lot goes into getting a record heard which hopefully leads to the fun part which is performing it live for you all. Always remember, requests to your local radio DJ’s and program directors, via phone calls or emails are a big deal, so when you find a free second reach out to them and tell them you need as little “Sunshine”…by the way, in Jackson Mississippi on WMSI we got word that it’s the most requested song, and i quote from the jock “EVER”. Cool Cool!!!

We reached over 3000 new Facebook peeps on my new fan site in only a couple weeks, which is really great.  Kathy, I know you started this whole face book thing, so thanks for getting me in the social networking game.  Also now, every time I twitter its all linked to my website here and now this face book fan page. So, I can keep you all up to date better as we continue our journey together.

Well, I’m back on the farm, or in the woods wherever this is I live (hey, better than being in the doghouse, that’s no fun at all), working on some new music I hope soon you will be able to hear and use in your life. Until next time be well and see you out there soon.