Early Forecast Calls for Plenty of Sunshine

Posted by steveazar on February 8, 2010

Well Happy February out there to you all, just gotten through an unusually snowy last week here in Franklin on the farm and even though its still insanely cold outside, looks like shades might just be required.  My peeps at Ride have made great strides in working together in harmony and although we still manage to cough up the ball every now and then so to speak, and pound our own chests. Nevertheless, WE Are On Our Way To Uniformity!

Coming back from the Bob Hope I made a promise to myself that I would get back to an hours worth of practice on the links a day no matter what.  Well, that just hasn’t happened! There is work to do with Ride and our staff, songs to write and record (the fun part), a family to kiss on as much as I can before we hit the road again, life to live and problems to solve.  All which must come first.

We have consistently continued to grow the story of “Sunshine”, and our hopes are those into will carry the torch and its big ball of fierce fire into the hearts and souls of their listeners. So far we have seen this song do wonderful things.  Here are a couple quotes from radio stations from my soulful home state of Mississippi and our capital city Jackson, to the land of Bruce Springsteen and the Jersey shores.

“Sunshine puts a warm and bright spot on the air every time we play it, and, it’s now the number 1 most requested song on The Afternoon Ride Request Hour, Steve knocked this one WAAAAAAAAAY out of the park”.
Captain Jack
Afternoon Drive Host / PD
Ocean County’s Country, Thunder 98.5