Posted by steveazar on January 1, 2011

So it’s been a while since I last blogged, a very long while I know. But I’ve gotten so crazy used to the twitter and face book thing to keep in touch with you all and up to date on Azar happenings that I’ve seriously neglected this form of communicating something fierce. So after talking to Al last week, Ride’s supreme leader and my dear friend last week, I realized that the above excuse was not gonna work.
So All and Al, here we go!

2010 has proved to be one of my most traveled since 07’, especially via air. I mean we have logged some serious time away from home and racked up crazy miles and award points on just about every airline known to man.

I have made lots of new acquaintances at places like airport ticket counters, security lines, coffee shops, restaurant’s, bathrooms (I’m kidding I’m kidding no bathrooms). I have found the crew at the New Orleans airport are the nicest people in the world, just thought you’d like to know I’m giving them the 2010 congenitally award from Ride. Everyone please applaud!  I’m actually waiting for Southwest Airlines to honor me this year and also finally give into realizing that, “I Don’t Have To Be Me, ‘Til Monday”, should be their new theme song. Wanna Get Away? For a long weekend? Just like the song says, “call it an early weekend”, right!! No brainer huh?!? Okay okay, I’ll stop…for now.

Sunshine the song and video had plenty of milestones reached but #1 is always your goal and being a true indie label, well that’s like chasing’ a rainbow. Best bet, you hope to be able to see one, I believe we did that. Sunshine reached the top 20 on radio, if you take all the charts into play and average them out, and the video got to #2 on GAC’s weekly top 20 countdown, #1 for multiple weeks on CMT Pure and finished the year out at #29 on GAC’s Top 50 videos of 2010, voted by you the faithful. For that I send over some serious love, thank you.

Writing is always a must for me, it seems to fix whatever else is going sideways, even if its music related. So, I’ve been able to do that often and the release has been much needed. Ya know, when you embark on any journey in life, we all need something that “can give us a break from it all”, and for me that’s always been songwriting and making music. What’s yours?

This spring we have lots planned, continue the comeback, so a new version of “Hard Road”, has been put together for radio to follow Sunshine up. This version, all in all is similar, but is shorter in time, has my boy Jason singing backup rather than the fabulous James House whom I wrote it with, and my vocal has been dried up quite a bit. (I know most of this is technical stuff none of you care to know but if you’re a fan of the song and love what it says then you should have both versions.) You will be able to acquire it mid winter on iTunes, my website and all other digital outlets. No matter what, I love this song and what it says, holding on to the people that matter to you, getting closer to them more than ever, while we all struggle to grab life by the throat.  At the same time there is a strong feeling of hope, the silver lining that things WILL be better soon. I believe that, so Hard Road it is. Ride’s entire staff I know is elated, and has planned its’ official release for mid to latter February, stay tuned.

We are finally putting out our first exclusive record in the UK titled, “Delta Soul Volume One”. This is something very dear to my heart, songs about my roots and where I’m from, focused strictly on that. Our plan is to start working over there, I’ve desired touring yearly at least 6-8 weeks a year across the pond, and this is the beginning of that journey. My Mississippi Delta has played inspirational roles in the making of some the greatest music ever made. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Cream, Led Zeppelin and the list goes on and on, have all credited as I do the world I grew up in as their reason for ever making music in the first place. I get that, so just like they brought there’s to us, we’re going to try and send the love back. I really look forward to swimming in these unchartered waters. Besides, if I don’t do this now Jason says he’s will beat me, and you all have seen Jason, lol.

We’ll enough is enough is enough. I wish you all a fabulous and fruitful 2011! Me and the boys look forward to touring more than we have in recent years on the wings of Sunshine and continue my quest for the ever-elusive thing called, “balance”.

Steve Azar