Posted by steveazar on June 29, 2012

So wondering what on earth I should blog about and being hounded like the dickins by my “all things website team”,  it hit me while making homemade pizza dough and watching a TV commercial . (more to come on the dough:)

My struggle to communicate with you all in this fashion, simply put…I’ve been swamped…

Not only have I been crazy busy with our foundation’s big fundraiser,  “The Delta Soul Celebrity Golf & Charity Event”, which by the way was a wonderful success, woo hoo. Also aiding my team at Ride Records with all the new fantastic releases out this month.  (for more info on these great singer-songwriters and how to get their music go to   And of course the usual touring, playing in golf and charity events, (trust me, lately golf is very hard work for me:).  Producing my girl Kallie North (wow wow wow she’s dang good) and of course writing and being a fabulous husband and father…okay okay I know, I’m pushing it:):)

But, also the fact that I didn’t want to write the same ol same ol, and bore the fire out of ya:)  I think for some they call that writer’s block:) but me…no way!!!

So back to it…

A  McDonald’s commercial comes on. One I’ve seen a few times already. Where they were praising the lettuce farmer that starts the supply chain for that glorious pale green veggie they use on and for all their delectables. (woah, glad I got that out:).
Truth is, we’re starting to see TV spots by a lot of companies finally giving well deserved thanks and recognition to our American Farmers. You see, in these tough and unpredictable economic times, the farmer represents the beginning of it all.  “America in its purist form”! For me, growing up in heart of the Mississippi Delta, it was all about the river workin’ and agriculture. I can graciously thank the blues legends I knew growing up, the greats like a Eugene Powell who created such amazing music, and that help mold me into the songwriter and artist and for certain, a piece of the man I’ve become today. It all started in those fields, the very land our farmers work, as they wrote about their pains and struggles and thus…voila!  “The Blues Were Born”.

So from those fields…the music…the food…our mouths and our souls continue to be filled.

Which gets me to the point…finally:)

I was recently asked by my new friends, Don “Jake” Jacobs and Brad Swenson at Swenson investments and Commodities in Souix Falls, South Dakota to write a song that would benefit the FFA and The American Farmer. One conversation with them months back plus moving back home to the delta after 20 years in Nashville was all the inspiration I needed to write and record this tribute tune.

I’ve said it quite a few times already in recent interviews, the song might of taken only 15 minutes to write but it took a lifetime of living and observing my farmer friends and families and reflecting on it all to push it out. It was a perfect storm, being asked when I did by my SD buds and driving through the fields again here in Mississippi…it just opened the creative flood gates. I only hope for our farmer’s sake…that I got It right.
It’s always a gift when a song comes from such a real place. As I’ve grown older and become more experienced, I’ve come to appreciate that. AND YOU JUST GIVE THANKS!

There is so much potential, so many seeds sown starting in Souix Falls and now spreading meticulously and with purpose, to promote the importance the FFA, and how the farms handed down from generation to generation has impacted us all. They are real gamblers and salt of the earth, hero’s. And that’s how I approached the creation of “American Farmer”.

So if you haven’t heard to song, you can listen on this site, check out the video of real farmers who sent pics in from their own farms and my guys whipped up a little montage with the tune as the bed. And please if you can, spread the word via face book, blogs, twitter, word of mouth, honk your horn… and any other way possible., to go download the American Farmer. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go the the Future Farmers of America…that’s pretty cool! You can get American Farm on iTunes Here!

Also I must give a big thank you to KIKN radio in Souix Falls, Jake, Dan and JD for all the love and support. You guys are REBELS and you ROCK! And of course Brad and the gang at Swenson’s.

Finally, and with all sincerity, to our heroic soldiers, veterans and their families, thanks for your sacrifice. I hope and pray that soon we’ll all be saying “You’re Soldier’s Finally Comin’ Home”! (Watch Solider Song Video Here)

Now back to my pizza dough, it’s is mucho yummy! And yes, all ingredients brought to me by, “The American Farmer”! That’s it that’s all of it…

Happy 4th everyone and be safe,