Work with Steve in the studio 

As producer on the majority of his own albums, Steve brings the same passion and production talent to all the recording projects he takes on. With years of experience working with major and independent labels, publishers, radio promoters, managers, agents and concert promoters, Steve brings not only his artistry and studio talent but also his vast music rolodex of movers and shakers to each project he works on. As the co-founder of his own record label and music festival, when appropriate, Steve can provide additional opportunities for artists. 

Steve takes on a couple of studio projects a year and enjoys the process immensely; from picking the right songs and developing a sound, to bringing out an artist's best performance and finding the right studio to record it in. 

If you are interested in Steve producing your next record please be in touch so that we can get acquainted with your music and learn more about your career.

Recent Productions

Kallie North

Kallie North didn’t begin writing music until 2010 after graduating from college and moving from her home state of Texas to the Mississippi Delta. A diehard country music fan and creative soul from birth, she picked up a guitar and within months had written a dozen songs. She recalls the feelings of inspiration that opened her eyes to the world of songwriting, and the dream that she could become a singer-songwriter. “I had played the piano since I was a kid and my whole family was musical. I had always considered myself a singer since my first solo performances at school and church, but writing my first song defined me in a whole new way. It made me an artist. I couldn’t believe that I had the ability to write songs—and didn’t even know because I had never tried.”

Kallie’s true talent as a singer-songwriter, combined with her business skills and work ethic, have allowed her to move forward with her career at lightning speed. Only two years after writing her first song, she now releases her debut album on Ride Records, an accomplishment she is proud of and holds dear to her heart. “I plan on working every day to be the best singer-songwriter I can possibly be. Not just by writing music, but by using my time and all of the knowledge I can acquire to build my career and fan-base.”