"Steve Azar rocks the house. He’s a great guy and a great performer." Bob Seger


Steve Azar is a world class entertainer, comfortable on all stages from large arenas to small listening rooms. He can entertain audiences as a solo performer with a guitar, in a small three-piece combo or with a full band. Steve has the unusual ability to enthrall a wide variety of audiences and cross musical genres. In the early years he cut his teeth sharing the stage with Little Milton, Bobby Rush, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. During the past years, he has headlined, played along side and toured not only with Bob Seger, but Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Hootie & The Blowfish, and a wide variety of other artists.

"I do the same show, and never stray from. It's the only me I know and owe it to the fans to be honest with them every time we hit the stage. Either with Brad Paisley or Bob Seger, or headlining at all those Delta blues festivals, There’s no adaptation at all, it just feels right. It’s that Mississippi ‘thang.’ Whatever it is, that's how we roll. 

"Steve Azar rocked the house on our last tour," raves Bob Seger. "He’s a great guy and a great performer." Their tour together was ranked at No. 1 by the concert-industry publication Pollstar. A reviewer in the Columbus Dispatch wrote, "Azar has the inflections and rhythms of a young Bob Dylan, and he shifts deftly between acoustic and electric guitars. He passed the crucial test for an opening act: He held the attention of people who had never heard of him."

"I live for working now as much as I did the first time I ever performed," says the man known for such top hits as "I Don’t Have to Be Me (‘Til Monday)", "Waitin’ on Joe", Sunshine, "Moo La Moo" and "You're My Life", among many more.


01/04/19 New York City, NY

02/0619 Greenville, MS- The Mockingbird Music Series-With Mark Alan Springer - Hosted By Steve Azar

03/22/19 Starkville, MS- New Narrative Festival

04/10/19 Greenville, MS- The Mockingbird Music Series - With Anthony Smith - Hosted By Steve Azar

04/12/19 Amory, Ms- The Amory Railroad Festival

04/14/19 Meridian, MS- The MAX Amphitheater (Steve Azar & The Kings Men) TBA

04/18/19 Palm Springs, CA

04/25/19 St. Augustine, FL- The Murray Brothers Caddyshack Celebrity

04/26/19 St. Augustine, FL- The Murray Brothers Caddyshack Celebrity 

05/14/19 Cleveland, MS- The BMI Indie Broadcasters Convention

05/27/19 Tulsa, OK - Private Event

06/06/19 Greenville, MS- The Delta Soul 

06/07/19 Greenville, MS- The Delta Soul

06/08/19 Greenville, MS- The Delta Soul

06/20/19 The Hamptons, NY- Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic 

06/26/19 Greenville, MS- The Mockingbird Music Series with Wynn Varble- Hosted By Steve Azar

07/28/19 Denver, CO- The Golfers Against Cancer

08/03/19 West Point, MS- The US Women's Amateur Concert (Steve Azar & The Kings Men) TBA

09/05/19 Liverpool, ENG- The World Music Event

09/13/19 Sioux Falls, SD- Steve Azar & Friends

09/18/19 Washington D.C. - Native Sons Part II featuring Steve Azar and Cedric Burnside (TBA)

09/28/19 Charlotte, NC- TBA

10/05/19 Marks, MS Mules & Blues Festival 

10/23/19 Jackson, MS- Sanderson Farms PGA Golf Event