Posted by steveazar on August 3, 2011

I know I know, believe me I know I have not kept up with the blog lately. Plenty of peeps have been on’ me and I was also thinking, “It’s been a long time”.

Of course, when I said that, “It’s been a long time” then I naturally start singing the words to the Led Zeppelin song, Rock and Roll, and singing the first verse let’s me know what I am supposed to write about now. Most everyone can sing the beginning of the first verse of Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll. Oh man do these lyrics really fit what is going on in my life right now, like they wrote it for me, but that’s what makes a song great, everyone can relate it in their own life. Here are those first verse lyrics in case you don’t know em’, and then I will fill ya’ll in on what’s up.

“It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled
It’s been a long time since I did the stroll
Oh baby, let me get back, Let me get back,
Let me get back, Baby where I come from”

Well, here what’s goin’ on with me. Things didn’t go as well as I hoped with my song “Hard Road” at radio. Dang it’, this song really did speak to me in the lyrics and the times we are all going through right now, but not all songs catch on. Maybe it was just the timing at radio, or who the heck knows. It was kinda cool the online video that was made by the man who lost his son and is on his own “Hard Road” journey with his rescue dog. We worked together with him to help promote his story and bring attention to his journey. The song really fit and it always feels good to help out when you can. You can see the video on the web site and You Tube. It’s a cool version of the story in the lyrics.

So anyway, that kinda wraps things up on working songs from the “Slide on over here” CD. If you don’t know all the songs from it yet, listen to “Sinkin’ of Swimmin”, I wrote it with my bud Josh Kelly and it’s a really fun song for this time in the summer, play it loud in your car, sounds great in this heat!

Everybody at my record label is really proud of what we did starting around Memorial Day and are still active working a song of mine called, “Soldier Song”. It’s a tribute song I wrote a few of years back and we decided to finally release it. It’s a different kind of tribute song, not a song about war at all. It’s a song about the soldiers and their families and their personal lives they leave behind when they serve. As scary as going to war must be in one way, it has to be scary thinking about coming home and wondering how much life has changed while you were gone. I wrote this song for my friend Mike when he bought it at an auction and he wanted it to be for our troops. After a visit I made to Walter Reed in Washington DC last time I was out on tour with Bob Seger. After talking with the soldiers there, boy that set me straight on what really missing someone means, those soldiers were so great. We made a really great video for “Soldier Song” that is on You Tube, and sorry to everyone that said they cried when they watched it, it just happens when you see it. One of the real great things that happened with this song is, Bret Baier from the Fox News Channel, we know each other from some charity golf tournaments, used my song in a special he did at Memorial Day. This special was the feature in his top ranked show on Fox News Channel, “Special Report with Bret Baier. He went on a mountain biking trip with President Bush, and a bunch of soldiers that had returned wounded and spent time getting well. These soldiers, some wounded so bad, but got well and back riding bikes. They went on a ride with the President and Bret, and then Lance Armstrong even showed up and rode with them. My song, “Soldier Song” was the theme music in the special. I was very proud to hear this used for the soldiers like that. My big news, We are donating proceeds from the sales of the single to a great charity, NFL star “Jared Allen’s Home for Wounded Warriors.” He helps soldiers that come wounded and can’t afford to change their house to work with a wheelchair, into a barrier free home at no charge to the soldier or their family. Jared is cool and I am glad to help out. Go watch the video and buy a copy of the song to help the charity, I would appreciate it, but the charity and the soldiers would appreciate it more.

Alright, I promise to back and fill you in real soon on what going on musical and what you can expect new pretty soon. (promises promises!) I have to finish up some details and then can tell you all about it…oh yeah!!!

I hope everyone’s summer has been fruitful and safe, I look forward to seeing you on the road with my guys.

Be well